Why curcumin?

Curcumin has a broad therapeutic effect on the human body, as it affects different molecular targets and thus influences various metabolic pathways. Possible therapeutic approaches of curcurmin are complex and diverse and have not yet been completely explored in their complexity. Its antioxidative, anti-inflammatory and anticarcinogenic potential is of great interest. Curcumin is able to regulate both antioxidative and prooxidative processes. The antioxidative characteristics are determined by the chemical structure of curcumin. Among other things, curcumin has the ability to intercept radicals and protects from oxidative damage. In the treatment of tumors, the pro-oxidative characteristics lead to a triggering of planned cell death in degenerated cells; an effect that does not happen in healthy tissue. However, the anti-inflammatory, antioxidative properties and the influence on cell proliferation also contribute to the anticarcinogenic effect.